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High-Quality Heat Pumps

Our heat pumps can efficiently warm up and cool down your home on the days that do not demand the high power of a traditional furnace. Heat pumps offer up to as little as one-quarter of the cost of operating the conventional heating or cooling appliances. With SEER ratings up to 20 and HSPF ratings up to 10, these units consume energy responsibly while providing superior comfort and quiet operation.

Trane Heat Pump Manufacture

Most Recommended Heat Pumps

A heat pump system allows you to both heat and cool your home with the use of just one convenient system. This is possible thanks, in part, to a component called the reversing valve, which allows the heat pump to reverse its refrigerant cycle. Not only does this mean that it can act as a year round comfort system, but also that it heats with outstanding energy efficiency.

Heat Pump Accessories

  • Trane Clean Effects
    Trane Clean Effects
  • Honeywell F100
    Honeywell F100
  • Trane Humidifier
    Trane Humidifier
  • Halo
  • Guardian Air
    Guardian Air
  • CO Detector
    CO Detector
  • Evergreen Blower
    Evergreen Blower Motor
  • Wet Switch Flood Detector
    Wet Switch Flood Detector
  • Safe-T-Switch
  • EZ Trap
    EZ Trap
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