Installing Your New Air Conditioner

We are air conditioner installation experts, and as one of the highest rated, we strive for excellence from the moment we walk through door on the initial assessment all the way to the cleanup.

The Extra Mile

We replace refrigerant lines as well as clean your drain lines and other connection parts going to your air conditioner. Why do we do all that? Simple- because we believe those measures are essential when getting your new air conditioner system installed. If we didn’t, it would be like replacing your car’s engine but using the same old oil lines.

new air conditioner installation by Fire and Ice

Choosing the Right System for Your Home

Nothing is worse to us than a customer that isn't satisfied with their purchase. It is incredibly important to us that you and your family have the right air conditioner for years to come. It’s one thing to say that, but another to show we mean it. This is the reason we don't provide over-the-phone estimates. These important in-person steps we take are to ensure our assistance lives up to the Fire & Ice name and quality standards. All estimates are done by a Fire & Ice Comfort Consultant.

Scheduling a Free Estimate with a Comfort Consultant

Our estimates are always free, and always conveniently scheduled. Fire & Ice Comfort Consultants will arrive to your home in uniform, with an ID badge, and in a marked company vehicle. We provide an honest and detailed approach to finding the best air conditioner system suited for your home based on current requirements and potential future needs. Our Comfort Consultants provide up to four options on systems that will work excellently in your home so you can make the right choice for your budget.

What steps will our Comfort Consultants perform?

Our Comfort Consultants have several very crucial tasks, such as performing a load calculation of your home to select the best options of air conditioners that will deliver the most optimal comfort for your home, making sure your installation of your new air conditioner goes perfectly, and passing specifically detailed information to Fire & Ice’s dedicated installation team.

How Does Your Air Conditioner Work?

Great question, we have built an interactive tool to help our customers better understand how their air conditioner works.

What is a Load Calculation?

A load calculation is one of the steps performed by our comfort consultants on your home. This process provides the BTU load requirements that your new air conditioner will need to exceed for optimal comfort throughout your home.

Some Information We Gather to Calculate Load

  • linear foot of outside walls
  • Height of ceilings
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Square footage of windows
  • Square footage of attic
  • R factor of walls and attic
  • Directional face of the home
  • Measure ductwork

Did You Know?

Popular Concern: Will it be Installed Right?

One of the greatest concerns in the minds of nearly all homeowners is if the system will be installed correctly. Fire & Ice specializes in installing high-end HVAC equipment and takes no shortcuts with one of the most comprehensive install practices in the industry. Our installation teams are all employees, so we do not rely on sub-contractors. This allows for accountability and pride in our work. Following up with the homeowner and inspecting the full operation of equipment takes place within 30 days of the installation.

How you can Protect your Air Conditioner

Going with a maintenance plan is a great step, and having your air conditioner system serviced every year is great, but many homeowners don’t realize their investment is still at risk. Power surges destroy many air conditioners each year, regardless of the age of the system. We find many homeowners may not think about surge protection for their HVAC equipment as they do with their computers or other technology. Investing in surge protection for your air conditioner can protect the equipment’s lifespan, and your peace of mind.

Do I need Accessories?

If so, we have the equipment to fix that. Whether it’s a humidifier to ease the dry atmosphere, or a media air cleaner to reduce the amount of dust and air particles that are present in your home- our Comfort Consultants can advise which accessories can provide the extra comfort that you have been waiting for.

Trane's Spin Fin Technology

This video explains why Trane’s spine fin technology provides you with the most reliability and efficiency for years to come. The lowest refrigerant leak rate in the industry gives you peace of mind and long life.

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