Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

March 10, 2015

As warm weather approaches, it is important to check your air conditioning system to make sure that it will be able to cool your home down over the summer. If you detect a problem, you can contact an HVAC company for air conditioning repair services. Here are some signs that your air conditioning system is in need of repair.

Here are some signs that your air conditioning system is in need of repair.

Puddles near your air conditioning unit indicate that there is a blockage in the system that is causing the leak.

If the airflow from vents seems weak when you test out your system in the spring, there may be a blockage in the ducts that is preventing conditioned air from reaching the rooms in your home.

Vibrating, squealing, or banging noises can indicate that parts are loose or need to be lubricated. Damage can be done when an air conditioning system is not properly maintained to prevent components from rubbing or bumping together.

Unusual odors almost always indicate a problem that requires repairs. Mustiness could indicate that there is moisture building up in the system that can cause mold to grow. An electrical smell may indicate that wires are melted, fused or otherwise damaged in a way that can pose danger.

If the temperature in your home is not matching up to the temperature set on your thermostat, there are many issues that could be the cause. An HVAC professional has the knowledge needed to pinpoint the issue.